SHMII-8 Conference

‘Structural Health Monitoring in Real-world Application’

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
5-8 December 2017

The Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of road traffic bridges and heritage buildings and the reliability assessment of the design of structural members and systems have both received a great deal of attention by researchers in Australia and worldwide, with many methods of monitoring and analysis now being developed.

The objectives of the SHMII-8 Conference are to promote and advance the Field of Structural Health Monitoring in Australia and the southern hemisphere, specifically to showcase achievements, exchange ideas and disseminate knowledge nationally and internationally, and to raise general community awareness on the need for, and value of, SHM research and application.

With a theme of Structural Health Monitoring in Real-world Application, the SHMII-8 Conference will feature a strong program of keynote lectures, invited lectures, technical visit and touring activities.

The   three-day   Conference   program   will   include   keynote lectures,  invited  lectures,  technical visit and touring activities. English will be the official language of the Conference for both oral and written presentation.

ISHMII holds the SHMII official conference every two years and once or more official workshops (such as CSHM), usually in alternating years. SHMII-8 will build on the success of SHMII-1, held in Tokyo 2003, SHMII-2 in Shenzhen 2005, SHMII-3 in Vancouver 2007, SHMII-4 in Zurich 2009, SHMII-5 in Cancun 2011, SHMII-6 in Hong Kong 2013 and SHMII-7 in Turin 2015.

Chair Professor Tommy Chan
Co-chair Dr Saeed Mahini



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