The   three-day   Conference   program   will   include   keynote lectures,  invited  lectures,  technical visit and touring activities. English will be the official language of the Conference for both oral and written presentation.


Papers relating to all aspects of the following themes are invited:

  • Smart and other advanced sensors
  • Wireless and other advanced sensor networks
  • Data acquisition, processing and management, including Big Data capturing and post-processing
  • Damage identification/localization  and evaluation/assessment  of bridges and building structures
  • Model updating, safety evaluation and reliability forecast
  • Damage control, repair and strengthening
  • Life-cycle performance-based design and performance monitoring
  • Life cycle management of infrastructures
  • Smart materials, structures and rehabilitation
  • Global positioning system (GPS) and related systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Integrated systems and implementations of SHM
  • Design guidelines and codes of SHM
  • Standardization of SHM systems
  • Critical issues for SHM such as cost effectiveness of SHM systems
  • Resilience of infrastructure systems